About me: I provide voice over and narration for audio books, telephony, corporate and industrial training videos, sound design and audio post production services. With over 2o years experience, I, in conjunction with Clear Voice Media have provided services for national and internationally known publishers, businesses and government agencies such as the County Of Los Angeles. I can also be heard as show host for the Drift & Ramble Podcast.  When I’m not in the booth or experimenting with sound design, I’m out on the trails exploring the the greater Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area on my mountain bike.

Voice Type: English, American, Mid range. Age Types: 30 Something through Senior.  Specialties: Narrative, Explainer, Long Form, eLearning, Straight & Comedic character voices; New York, Chicago, Boston, Southern Twang, Russian/Eastern European,

Read Styles: Professional, Engaging, Conversational, Captivating, Comedic, Storyteller, Hysterical, Explanatory, Authority, Informed, Credible, Trustworthy, Experienced, Calm, Deliberate, Serious, Dramatic, Poignant, Erudite, Professorial, Illustrative, Silly, Warm, Sad, Angry, Desperate, Hungry, Enthusiastic. When can we get started?

Client Testimonials:

“Fantastic job. I would sure like to get you to do more.” – J.C. Hulsey, Outlaws Publishing

“Out of the 30+ narrators who applied for the job, Steve stood out from the start as the best one for the job and he surely didn’t disappoint. I already want to hire him for my next audiobook.” – Brian Robben, “The Golden Resume”

“You were extremely professional, helpful, and of course your recording is top-notch. Really great work. This author has two other publications planned in the next three months. Thank you again and I’ll be in touch.” – Lars Jackson, Rights Holder

“Steve Blizin is an outstanding narrator with considerable range. His blustery Russian spy is as convincing as his neurotic mustache and his seething Clint Eastwood, and he is equally adept at comical as well as serious pieces. Mr. Blizin’s timing is natural and unforced, and his pacing–no doubt borne from his deep understanding of the material–is impressive.”            – Lou Gaglia, “Poor Advice and Other Stories”

“Steve Blizin: A true professional and fantastic narrator.” – Shaun Webb, “Lost Youth: A True Stoy” and “A Motion For Innocence… And Justice For All”


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